Top 7 Tips for Successful Electrical Estimating Services

Top 7 Tips for Successful Electrical Estimating Services

Electrical estimating is one of the biggest challenges of any construction project. Electricians often face difficulties in accurately estimating the price of electrical work. Electrical Estimating is the process of calculating the overall cost of electricity involved in a project. It involves figuring out how much material, labor, and time will be required for an electric project. By providing all this information to clients, an electrical estimator gives them an idea of how much investment they will require for this project.

Accurate estimates are significant whether working for a permanent client or a new one. A single mistake in an electrical estimate can create a huge mess. In the worst cases, it can cause you to lose your project. Thus, creating accurate estimates is not an easy job. It requires a well-equipped team with a professional understanding of the work. If you are looking for estimating electrical services in USA, you have come to the right place. SMA estimators in the USA are known for their accurate and affordable MEP estimation services.

Secret Tips for Successful Estimating Services

If you want to gain a foothold in the business industry, you need to constantly win new jobs. Although there is no single way to guarantee a successful electrical job, there is always room for improvement. You can improve your winning percentage by following these effective habits.

Visualize and Review the Drawings

The first step of successful electrical estimating in USA is visualization of the project. You need to work on the bigger picture first. If you are working on an electrical project for a specific room, visualize the complete room first. See what elements and fixtures will be used. How will be the wiring done? How will the lightning be managed? Once you are done with these major things, look at the smaller picture now. How many switches you will need? Where will they be installed? And all other minor details like that. To have an idea of the design you can use product catalogs. You can also search online for pictures of electric components. 

Highlight every Detail

An electrical estimating project may include various components. As the projects get complex, there are chances of missing details. To make sure you have covered everything, you can divide the project into smaller tasks. Make a list of all the components to be covered. They may be a circuit, a ceiling, a floor, etc. When you cover each component keep highlighting it in the list. In this way, all the highlighted areas show the covered components. It reduces the risk of missing any details while estimating.

Bid Wisely

Bidding on every project is a mistake most estimators make. Know that you only need to invest your time and efforts in bidding for jobs that are good for your company. Also, do your market research and see how many people are bidding for the same job. It is not recommended to bid for a job if more than 5 people are already bidding on it. Be realistic about the skills and timelines a particular job will require, and bid accordingly.

Perform Material Takeoff

Give a thorough analysis of the project to see how much material will be required. Calculating the right material quantity will ensure the accuracy of the estimate. You can make a list for this purpose as well. This list may cover everything from panel to switch to circuit to breaker to light fixtures. After quantifying all of these components, their costs can be accurately estimated.

Calculate Labor Costs

When you have a list of tasks and materials required for a project, it’s time to move on with labor requirements. See how much workforce you will require to perform each task. What will be their charges? Some labor is charged on an hourly basis, and others charge one time for the entire project. Calculate the total labor cost accordingly.

Use Automated Software for Electrical Estimating

Automated software is comparatively faster. If you switch from manual software to automated software, you will save plenty of time. With the use of software, you can create more bids. Automation also reduces errors. So there are more chances of accurateelectrical estimating with the use of new tools and automated software.

Arrange Training Sessions

Adapting to new technology is the need of the hour. But, switching to new software is one thing, making the maximum out of it is another. You and your team need to learn the advanced features of new tools. This can be done by regularly arranging training sessions for your team. Where they will be able to polish their skills to bring out the maximum results for electrical estimating.


Electrical estimating is one of the most crucial aspects of every construction project. Accurate estimates can not only win you profits but also help in making recurring customers. However, bringing accurate estimates is not easy. We have created a guide for you. This will show you tips on how to make a successful electrical estimate.

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