Saudi Arabia Launches World First Luxury Arabian Cruise Line

Saudi Arabia Launches World First Luxury Arabian Cruise Line

Saudi Arabia is setting sail into the future of aquatic tourism with the introduction of the world’s first Arabian cruise line: AROYA Cruises. This new venture follows the Kingdom’s highly futuristic Neom plans and marks a significant step in diversifying its tourism sector, as reported by Gulf News.

AROYA Cruises is designed to showcase the rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes of Saudi Arabia. The flagship vessel is a 335-meter floating resort, featuring 1,678 cabins, including balcony cabins with sea views, luxurious suites, and opulent villas.

Able to accommodate over 3,362 passengers, the ship boasts 20 entertainment venues spread across 18 decks. Guests can indulge in shopping at AROYA’s boutiques, enjoy performances in a 1,018-seat theatre, and entertain children with dedicated shows and movies.

For those seeking an even more memorable experience, AROYA Cruises offers a VIP package. This exclusive option includes spacious and premium suites, outdoor lounges, and exceptional dining experiences, ensuring a trip that is as luxurious as it is unforgettable.

AROYA Cruises will embark on its maiden voyage in the Red Sea in December 2024, with planned stops at private islands and destinations in Egypt and Jordan.

Immediate bookings are available on the official website. As the introductory statement proudly declares, “As the first Arabian cruise line, AROYA Cruises is proud to lead the way with its authentic Arabian experience offered to guests at sea and on land.”

Embark on a journey that celebrates the best of Arabian culture and natural beauty with AROYA Cruises. Your adventure awaits.

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