Is There Any Point In Taking the PMP Certificate Or Not in 2022?

Is There Any Point In Taking the PMP Certificate Or Not in 2022

A certificate is either needed in your own industry, or the market needs you to take. If it has met any one of these conditions, then it is worth taking. Nowadays, because of the international recognition of the PMP certificate, having a PMP certificate should have become a direct reflection of the project management level of the company. In many international and domestic tenders, the number of project professionals holding the certificate has been used as one of the criteria for considering the strength of the company.

Why PMP Certification Matters in the Job Market

If you are also preparing for the PMP exam, then this is the right place for you to come and share information. So let me say the simplest thing. If you want to apply for a job in one of these companies or are already in one and looking for an internal promotion, then having a PMP certificate is a basic requirement.

If you’re applying for a project management job that requires a PMP certificate, then having a PMP certificate is a mandatory requirement that you have to meet in the first place. Otherwise, your interview will be brushed off in the first round. And for companies that do not explicitly require a relevant certificate, if you have a PMP certificate, that is also a plus.

There are two people in the same condition. While one takes a certificate and the other one has no certificate. If you are HR, which one will you give the priority to? After all, in a large number of resume, HR can only read through the relevant certificate to screen the interviewed personnel. At least, having a certificate shows that you have the relevant theoretical basis.

The Growing Significance of PMP Certification in China’s Job Market

The hot number of PMP applicants is also one of the manifestations of its value in response to the recruitment. As of September 2019, the cumulative number of PMP applicants in China is about 600,000 and is growing exponentially. This number is still growing. At the same time, more than one million people have received project management training in China and the demand for project management professionals in the domestic market continues to grow.

In terms of market demand, project management professionals who have obtained the PMP certificate are also in demand in the future.

Nowadays, more and more project-based enterprises in China are participating in the international and domestic market competition. To improve the effectiveness of the project, to improve the market and customer response speed and to improve customer satisfaction are the goals of the enterprise. And to achieve this goal, they must improve the level of project management.

Growing PMP Significance in China’s Job Market

In other words, as the country’s economic construction shifts from infrastructure to high-end industries and market projects expand the scale of investment in the project rising, the demand for project management personnel will be more and more. So, more and more companies are starting to need these project management talents.

As for the value of the PMP certificate, it is mainly shown in the following points:

  • The scarcity of project management professionals in China is needed and valued by companies.
  • It can be developed to a higher platform for promotion and job-hopping and salary increase.
  • It regulates their own management ideas to improve project management efficiency.
  • It can greatly improve their own personal competitiveness to reduce some unnecessary trouble.
  • Improve the direction of the living circle and the quality of change to meet more excellent people.
  • Give you the opportunity to transform into a project manager. It is greatly enhanced and it is also an important weight for technical engineers to turn to management.


The value of the project management certificate is considerable. But it does not mean that getting the PMP certification will be able to be a project manager. It will be able to get the promotion and more salary. It is all unknown.

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