Apple Messages App Adds RCS and Message Scheduling in iOS 18

iOS 18

The upcoming iOS 18 update will bring significant changes to Apple’s Messages app, making it more convenient for users. The highlights include the ability to schedule messages and support for RCS (Rich Communication Services), which is set to replace SMS as the next standard in messaging.

For years, users have sought the ability to schedule messages, often resorting to cumbersome workarounds like push notifications and third-party apps. With iOS 18, Apple is finally integrating this feature directly into the Messages app, allowing users to plan messages to be sent at a specified time and date. This feature is particularly beneficial for business users and those who remember important messages late at night.

Another major update is the support for RCS, which will enhance communication between iOS and Android users. Unlike SMS, RCS offers more reliable group messaging and richer media sharing. Although messages sent via RCS will still appear in green bubbles on Apple devices, the overall messaging experience will be significantly improved.

Google has long advocated for Apple to adopt the RCS standard to facilitate better communication between Android and iOS users. While U.S. lawmakers and EU regulators have scrutinized Apple’s reluctance to support RCS, the new update indicates a shift towards more open and interoperable messaging systems.

Apple’s decision to support RCS and introduce message scheduling in iOS 18 demonstrates its commitment to improving user experience and staying competitive in the evolving landscape of mobile communication.

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